TLED Series 每 Transparent Type LED Screen

TLED Series 每 Transparent Type LED Screen Transparent Type LED Screen (TLED Series)

  • TLED is a new technology LED Screen utilising a new type of LED lamp called the Side Emitting LED design
  • Easy installation methods that can either be hooked on its proprietary base or by simple hoisting
  • TLED is light, thin, transparent, easy to maintain and does not hinders lights penetration.
  • Mainly used in shopping malls, exhibition hall, lounge and office windows.
Technical Parameter
Model TL5.21 TL6.25 TL8.93 TL10.42 TL12.5 TL15.63
Pitch(mm) 5.21mm 6.25mm 8.93mm 10.42mm 12.5mm 15.63
Pixel Transparency (%) 65 70 79 83 86 92
PPI(dot/M2) 36864 25600 12544 9216 6400 4096
Cabinet LED Resolution 192*96 160*80 112*56 96*96 80*80 64*64
Scan Mode 1/6 1/4 1/3 Static
Maximum Power ConsumptionㄗW/M2ㄘ 850 700 530 800 550 650
Average Power consumptionㄗW/M2ㄘ 340 280 212 320 220 260
Display Brightness ≥5000 ≥4200 ≥4300 ≥6300
Cabinet Sizeㄗmmㄘ 1000*500*80 1000*1000*80
Cabinet Weightㄗkgㄘ ≤6.2 ≤9.6
Refresh RateㄗHzㄘ 16bit ≥2880; 14bit ≥4800; 10bit ≥9600
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B (single lamp)
Led Lamp Chip Taiwan EPISTAR / USA CREE
Led Lamp Encapsulation Brand NATIONSTAR
Driver IC Taiwan MBI 5153
Input / Output VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP
Grey Scale maximum 16bit
Protection Standard IP45
LED Encapsulation Custom Made Small Side Emitting LED Lamp
Anti-Interference Circuitry yes
Power Supply Parameters Specialised power supply system DC5V 60A/80A﹛LED DC5V 60A/80A
Working Voltage DC4.6~5V
Input Voltage AC100~240V 50/60Hz Adaptive Voltage
Temperature / Humidity -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, 10%-90% No Condensation
Cabinet material Die Casting Aluminium
Installation Method Customize Installation Methods by Hoisting or Fixed
LED Lamp life Maximum 100,000 Hours
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